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Winemaking is an ever evolving process.  Each year we discover a little more that helps us make better wine.

The Crush seminars marry the best of traditional artisan winemaking techniques and modern technology.  Californian winemaking now challenges the world for quality and originality.  The Crush gives you the chance to learn how all this comes together in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Deductive Blind Tasting

Site Map The objective of this program is to teach the basics of wine tasting.  Using several different wines we go through wine tasting techniques that will help you appreciate wine more and make better buying decisions in the tasting room.  Groups of up to 12 can be accommodated for private programs.

Basic Food and Wine Pairing

Want to learn how to decide which foods to pair with the wines you love.  In this program we sample food and wines to establish pairings and understand the taste profiles of both that make a good combination.

Introduction to Winemaking

Thinking of producing your own vintage.  Then this is the program for you.  Go through the basics including some hands on activities.  This program is normally held twice in July and August.

The Impact of Barrels

Given by a guest speaker.  This program is designed to give a background education on the art of barrel making as well as explain the way a barrel impacts the wine.

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