Hidden Creek Wine

Small Lots, Big Flavor

Hidden Creek Wine is produced in small lots.  The grapes are mainly sourced from independent vineyards in quantities from 1 to 5 tons.  Each fermentation is managed to extract the maximum flavor from the grapes often involving several weeks of extended maceration in anaerobic conditions.  The aging of the wine is managed on a barrel by barrel basis ensuring the quality of the wine is maintained throughout.

We aim to produce wine that is as true to the grape as possible and represents the true flavors the grape grower was able to produce in the vineyard.  Working closely with the vineyards we can determine the best times to harvest to maximise the flavors and produce wine that needs a minimum of intervention from the winemaker.

Hidden Creek Wine has now opened a new tasting room at the winery.
5937 Graham Ct, Suite B, Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 371-2424
Regular opening
12:00 - 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
Often open at other times and by appointment.

We are now featuring jewelry from Stonewear Jewelry in the tasting room.  Designed by June Sablan these pieces make the perfect gift.

After a great trip to the mustard festival we now have several unique and interesting mustards, mayo's, and bbq sauces in the tasting room for you to buy and try.

Barrel tastings are offered at the winery on an appointment basis.  Please call 925-371-2424 to schedule.

Our wine is available in the tasting room, at select restaurants, here on line, and to all members of our wine club.

"Hidden Gems Wine Club"

Ecological and Social Awareness

Site Map The Crush and Hidden Creek Wine take great lengths to ensure we minimize our impact on the planet.  This can be as simple as not using polystyrene in our shipping boxes to more complex issues such as choosing to work with vineyards that practice sustainable farming techniques and minimize the use of chemicals.  In the winery all steps are taken to ensure there is no runoff of waste materials to storm drains and that the winemaking techniques minimize the use of sulfites and other additives to the wine.  Our organic waste is removed for recycling as is cardboard, depleted bottles, ink cartridges, batteries and many other items.

We regularly support many charities with cash contributions, donations and wine for tasting at fund raising events.

The Crush and Hidden Creek Wine are proud members of

The Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association

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